Get Acquainted Games

I Gotta Be Me!

Give each guest a piece of paper and ask each to list at least five of his or her personality traits. Collect papers in a bowl. Ask each person to draw one and match the personality traits to the person they feel is being described. Award a gift to those who correctly make the match.

Adjective Game

Have each guest introduce themselves by using a nice descriptive adjective which starts with the first letter of their name. For example: I'm delightful Dorothy. Each person, in turn, tells the names of the people before them and then adds their name and adjective. For example: Mary would say, "This is delightful Dorothy and I'm marvelous Mary." You can arrange it so the hostess is the last to name everyone and could receive a small prize.

Getting to know you

Have guests introduce themselves by telling there name and then have them answer one of the following questions.

Their favorite color
The size of their shoe
Where they were born
What their husband dose for a living
How they met their husband
How many children they have
What is their favorite hobby
What is their favorite food
What they like to do on a rainy day
Who is their favorite movie star
Who is their favorite TV star or program
What kind of work they do?
Which active sport do they like best
What pets do they have
What pets they had as a child
How many brothers and sisters do they have
What fear or obsession do they have
What is their favorite extravagance
Give a housecleaning hint

Variations: You can use these questions with the two games above. With I Gotta Be Me! before party print some of the questions above on to paper have each of the guests fill it out and put in a bowl pull out a slip and have the guest guess who it is after have clue see how long is takes to guess each person if after all the clues no one guess the person it was gets the gift.

With Adjective game instead of using an adjective to describe themselves have them answer one of the questions above. The people after them have to give everyone’s answer and their name then their own.

Pass the bag

To break the ice at your next party, put a nice prize in a brown paper bag and staple it shut - no peeking. Give it to the first person to arrive at the party. After all the guests have arrived have the person that has the bag pass it to:

1. Person with most buttons
2. Person with smallest shoe size
3. Person with largest earrings
4. One with the most children
5. Person married longest
6. One with the youngest child
7. The tallest person
8. Last person to arrive at the party
9. Person with the most letters in their full name (first, middle, & last)
10. Person on their right
The last person keeps the prize in the bag.